The Medicines Control Council (MCC) is researching the safety of cough and cold medication for children under 2 years. This is in response to the international and local reports about life-threatening events, including overdoses, when the products have been used in infants and toddlers. This is due to incorrect dose or dosing frequency, as well as using more than one cough and cold preparation at once. The MCC has asked all manufacturers of cold and cough remedies to provide information on the safety of ingredients for children under 2. In the meantime they advise not to give cough and cold medicines to children under 2, regardless of what it says on the product, unless told to do so by a qualified doctor or pharmacist.

Do not give more than 1 cough and cold medicine to a child at once, as this can result in overdosing on a specific ingredient. Be sure to follow the exact measurements. Do not use these products to calm your child down or make a child sleep.

These medications do not cure or shorten the ailment, they are only to relieve the associated symptoms. Rest, sufficient fluid intake and a bit of TLC are alternatives that also work.

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