The 14th of February is usually a bittersweet day for South Africans. The Valentine’s Day mood is usually tempered by the memory of the day that Reeva Steenkamp was killed by her boyfriend

Seven years after she was brutally murdered on Valentine’s Day, Reeva’s name was trending on social media.

A large number of her friends, followers and fans took to the timeline to remember the day that she lost her life back in 2013 after her boyfriend, Oscar Pistorius, shot her – believing that he was shooting armed robbers.

A number of social media users have taken to the timeline to boycott Valentine’s Day and instead remember Reeva on this tragic day.

In her memory, Mrs SA finalist Natasha King will be hosting a fun-run this Friday with the proceeds going to the Reeva Steenkamp Foundation. King hopes that the funds raised will make a difference in educating the community about gender-based violence as well as its roots and effects.

Speaking to Independent Online, Natasha said, “The root of gender-based violence is a lack of education”.

“That and not enough great male role models for our young men to look to. Evil thrives when good men do nothing. Women empowerment is just as important for men to acknowledge, as it is for women.

“That said, there are amazing men standing beside women on this matter. To those men, we see them and we thank them.”


The Reeva Steenkamp Foundation also shared their plans for the day on social media;


What memories do you have of Reeva Steenkamp?