Since it’s the month of love and feng shui is one of the top home decor trends of 2020, here are two tips to help you feng shui your bedroom…

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of organising and decorating a home to encourage positive energy (Chi) to help ensure good health and prosperity.

Feng shui principles tend to make interior design sense since there is a focus on improving the flow of a home while making it look calm and uncluttered.

The importance of the bedroom

Feng shui master Marie Diamond says that the bedroom is important because it is a place where you re-energise.

“It’s a place that is important for your health, your romance and also even your abundance,” says Diamond.

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Here are some feng shui design principles for your bedroom…

Position of your bed

“Where you place your bed is probably the most important thing to consider for a healthy relationship because where your bed will affect how you sleep. And how you sleep will affect how you wake up in the morning and how you live your day and interact with people,” says Nicolette Vajtay of Inspired Living Feng Shui.

She recommends positioning the headboard against a solid wall so you can see the door, but you are not in line with the door.

How to feng shui your home’s entryway

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