There are some things you can do for yourself that aren’t really in the ‘diet’ category but will also change your weight for the better …

These are things that are good for your health, and therefore good for your body. And most things that are good for your body are going to help you get leaner, too. Why? Because a healthier body can allow itself to let go of stored goods, while an unhealthy body has other things to worry about.

Here are five such things. Get started on them today.

1.     Eat whole fruit

Many people think that have a fruit juice equals eating a fruit. While drinking fruit juice tastes nice, it does nothing for your health that whole fruit can’t do. And whole fruit has the benefit of having a much healthier calories to fibre balance, meaning that you have a fighting chance of actually using the calories from the fruit before they get shoved into storage.

Image: Baiba

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