Up the feel-good factor and make your home a happier place, somewhere you can reconnect with the people you love the most…

Decorating and organising a home may seem like a superficial pursuit, but there’s nothing trivial about the health and well-being benefits of being able to relax, reconnect with family and friends and feel rejuvenated because of it.

This is a three-part series about making it feel good to come home.

Since it’s the month of love, and numerous studies point how ‘connected’ we are online but disconnected and lonely we are in real life, let’s make a home a place to reconnect with the people you love most in the world.

Bring back the dining table

Whether you’re single or married with kids, it’s time to bring back the dining room table to improve the quality time you get to spend with friends and family.

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Make sure that the chairs are comfy and, although it’s not essential if it adds to the pleasure of entertaining, spoil yourself to beautiful crockery, cutlery, serving wear and table linen.

How to make your home a happier place (part 1)

Face time over screen time

Turn off the TV and put the smartphones away for some good old fashioned face-time around the dining table. 

Reignite the tradition of family Sunday lunches or start a dinner club with friends so you get to host and go to regular dinner parties.

Struggling to get the conversation started?

Ask everyone about the best part of ther day, what they are most grateful for that day and what they are looking forward to for the rest of the day, the next day, week or month.