Last updated on Jun 15th, 2020 at 09:17 pm

Cassper Nyovest and Zozibini Tunzi bumped into each other at a Samsung event on Tuesday night and people are trying not to get too excited by what it could mean

In order to understand the significance of their chance encounter, one needs to have followed the build-up to this moment.

Cassper seems to have dropped hints that he may have a crush on Miss Universe 2019, judging by the number of times he has mentioned her on social media. We all believed that the rapper was waiting for an opportunity and it looked like his chances increased this week when Zozibini hinted that she is a fan of his new hit, Phoyisa (OK, Cassper features on the song alongside numerous other artists, but that’s not the point here!).

Many believed that, after catching on to the hints that Cassper was sending her way, the moment when she chose his hit single as her favourite song was a suggestion that she too might have a thing for Mufasa. All this took place on social media, but we didn’t realise that these two were about to meet in the near future.

As part of her homecoming tour, Zozibini Tunzi was invited to speak at the recent Hello Samsung event held in Johannesburg. Cassper, who is a Samsung ambassador, was also in attendance and it looked like the galaxy (pun intended!) conspired to have them in the same room, on the same day.

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Cassper could barely contain his excitement as his “crush” was named the newest Samsung ambassador:

It got even better! Cassper not only saw Zozibini live on stage, but he even took a picture next to ‘Ousie Universe’ – a moment we are certain he enjoyed:

Zozibini kept her cool for the whole night, but many of her and Cassper’s mutual followers believe that the time has never been better for him to try his luck.

Do you agree?