Picnic perfect

If you love a more informal affair, create a romantic picnic spot.

You could create a contemporary picnic table or take inspiration from an Arabic Majlis to create a cushioned seating area. Textured throws, soft rugs and cushions in romantic fabrics, layered over each other, will create a warm space, and add an element of fineness to your dinner.

“Without the structure of a dining table, people tend to lean in for conversations. Add in soft throws and blankets and you’ll be cosying up to your loved one throughout your meal,” Sachs says.

Lovely lighting

Lighting defines the atmosphere and is the top tool in creating the right mood.

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Assess your room light and supplement, or replace, it with feature lighting such as lamps – either freestanding or table lamps.

Candles are a must for a romantic setting and can be a feature on the dining table.

Make a section of votives for a creative feature. If you’ve set up a dining experience outdoors, don’t just rely on moonlight but create a walkway of votives leading to the dining area instead, or use LED orb balls to create pockets of soft lighting.

“Your loved one will love spending quality time in a carefully thought out and artistically created space, that will not only reignite your romance but will also allow you to take time out of your busy schedules to reconnect,” says Sachs.