Last updated on Sep 1st, 2020 at 12:27 pm

Tennis and comedy lovers alike were thrilled to have Trevor Noah in town for the weekend but one person who wasn’t even aware that he was back in Mzansi was his own mother

Patricia Noah made headlines this weekend after it was reported that she had no idea that Trevor would be visiting the country this weekend. Worse still, the comedian’s mother only found out via online and news articles that her son was in town.

Sunday World reported that Trevor Noah “snubbed” both his mother and Zulu King, Goodwill Zwelithini this past weekend after being “too busy” to communicate with both of them.

While the headline was spicy, Patricia calmed the waters down by providing some context.

It began when she spoke to the paper and revealed to the publication; “Did you see there in the newspapers, in the internet? It says he is in Cape Town today [Friday]. He is in South Africa now?”

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This raised eyebrows as journalists questioned why she wouldn’t have been told by Trevor himself.

Patricia replied, “Please understand, as a businessman he can’t always report to his mother about his movements. It’s not about the relationship. Even Cyril Ramaphosa doesn’t tell his mother about all his movements”.

While she was happy for her son’s continued excellence, she didn’t hold any grudges when approached for comment by the paper.

Instead, she encouraged everybody to move on when she said, “He is living his life in New York, and I’m living my life here in South Africa. I don’t have to be attached to him, he is running his business and I am taking care of mine.”.

Meanwhile, King Zwelithini’s camp is less than impressed with Trevor Noah, according to reports

A separate report in Sunday World claims that the comedian has not responded to an award nomination from the King’s Bayede Foundation.

The awards take place in April and Trevor, along with Cyril Ramaphosa, is one of 50 would-be recipients selected by the king and his panel. But the comedian’s silence has begun to worry the King’s procession.

A representative from the Bayede foundation said to Sunday World; “We are now considering retracting the nomination because we are getting an indication that he does not want the award”.

Do you think people are blowing Trevor’s “snubs” out of proportion?