Found yourself with a great big pimple (or 12?)? Welcome to the club! Just remember they are temporary – especially of you follow our dos and don’ts when you encounter a pimple!

Anyone else feel that your skin somehow knows when you’ve got something big happening in your life?

You’ll be having weeks of clear, glowing, magazine cover-worthy skin, and then the day you’re going to a wedding, bump into your ex or have to give that all-important presentation, you discover and shiny new, bright red and extremely obvious friend on your face – yip, the dreaded pimple.

Well, you can take comfort knowing that you are not alone in your pain, it happens to the best of us, but before you get out that magnifying mirror and get your squeeze on, take a look at these useful dos and don’ts to know when you encounter a pimple.

DO use ice or a warm compress

You want to get treating the pimple as soon as possible, and depending on the type of pimple and what you want the result to be, icing it or applying a warm compress can aid in quicker healing. Ice will not only sooth the irritated skin and help with pain if it’s one of those types, but it will also help with the inflammation and swelling.

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A warm compress will help draw out the puss from a blind pimple or whitehead, and also help relieve any pain. Remember to only apply both of these at short intervals throughout the day so that you don’t further irritate your skin.

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DON’T touch your face

We know that it’s difficult, because as the day goes on, you want to feel if it’s still there, or if the pimple is really as big as you think it is. The truth is, the more you touch it, the worse you’re going to make it. Not only are you irritating already irritated and inflamed skin, but you’re putting more dirt, oil and grime onto the infected area, making it that much more difficult to heal. So, do yourself a favour and leave it alone!

DO avoid the urge to pop

We know, we know – you want this thing gone, the pain to be over and, sometimes, it’s just plain satisfying, but popping your pimples is never the answer. You’re breaking your skin, irritating it and shoving dirt, oil and grime into an already-clogged pore, which means the cycle won’t end here. Seriously, even if it means wearing mittens for the day, leave it alone!

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DON’T wear make-up if you don’t have to

If you can avoid it, leave the pimple make-up free for as long as possible so that you don’t clog up the pore more than it already is. If you’re going out and want to slap on some concealer (totally understandable!), just be sure to remove your make-up as soon as possible.

DO turn to salicylic acid

This is the best ingredient to fight a pimple with, so search through your products for one containing it and slather that on. Aspirin contains salicylic acid, so if you have that, turn it into a paste and use that. Just remember to be patient; unfortunately, it won’t disappear in a matter of minutes!