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So, the big day is finally here, and it’s time to slap on your face… just be sure to avoid making these common date night make-up mistakes…

So, that big date (or dance, event, wedding – you get the drill!) is finally here, and while you’ve been spending days planning what to wear, you might not have put as much thought into your make-up… and now you’re panicking!

Well, don’t stress, we’re here to make sure you look and feel your best and that your face beat is on point. All you have to do is make sure you avoid making these common make-up mistakes, and you’ll be more than good to go…

Trying something new for the first time

Nothing makes us happier than knowing that you’re keen on experimenting with your make-up, but we’re not sure that this is the best time to try that winged liner for the first time, purely because we don’t want you being an hour late for your date with a red face and no make-up at all. Go with your fail-safe look; you’ll feel most comfortable that way. 

Fretting too much about that spot

There are some fantastic cover-ups on the market; between green concealer to hide redness, your foundation and a great concealer, your date probably won’t notice a single thing, so ignore it and just focus on being your fabulous self

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Overdoing it with that bronzer

We get it – you want to look sun-kissed and show off that tan, and a bit of bronzer on the right places is flattering and healthy looking, but way too few of us know exactly where that line is.

When it comes to bronzer, we seriously urge you to take a more conservative approach – you want to look sun-kissed, not sun-slapped. 

Going a bit OTT with the lippie

We love a bold lip just as much – no, probably more, actually – than the next person, so by no means are we saying that you should only go for a nude lip. Just be aware of the fact that you might want to get your smooch on at some stage, and leaving your date or significant other with a face full of lipstick might not be everyone’s cup of tea!

Slathering on too much

You’re often nervous, excited, anxious and in a rush when preparing for a date, which means your make-up could be in a position where it’s seen better days. The mistake so many of us make is putting on a little bit too much – probably because you’re trying to hide all these things that you see as flaws, but everyone else sees as super awesome.

Make sure you leave yourself enough time to put your make-up on, and do it in good natural lighting so that you don’t cake on too much thanks to all those nerves.


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