Give your bedroom a makeover without having to renovate your home. Choose the right bedding to suit the room you have and complement your style

Having the right bedding for your room can make a big difference to how you see the room and just how much you enjoy being in there. Find the balance between your style and what suits the bedroom you already have.

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Choose the right colour

Changing the colour of your walls is not cheap. Aside from the expense of buying the painting materials and possibly paying someone to paint for you, you will also have to live with the inconvenience of not being able to use your room for a while.

For a quicker and easier change, find bedding that will complement the colour you already have on your walls. Light coloured walls are the most forgiving, allowing you a larger range of colours to choose from when buying bedding.

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If you have dark walls, look out for light coloured bedding and if you absolutely must have dark coloured bedding, consider multi coloured bedding where the dark colours are accented by light colours.

Creating a sleep-promoting bedroom

Accessorize to your heart’s content

Decorating your actual room isn’t always an option. If you can’t use wall art, hanging art or choose the furniture you want, the next best thing is decorating your bed.

The bedding is one aspect of this, another aspect is the cushions. The only time you could ever have too many throw pillows and cushions on your bed is if you are going for a minimalistic look.

Choose different sizes, shapes and colours that complement your bedding, but avoid matching since this will mean limiting the colours you can use in your room.

It’s all about comfort

Your bedroom is your private space, your sanctuary and the most important thing about this space is that it is comfortable.

Find out what options you have when it comes to your bedding. Do you want a duvet, comforter, quilt or eiderdown? This will depend on how warm you want your bedding to be, if you’ll actually be sleeping under your bed cover or using it purely as a decorative feature, how heavy you want your covers to be and how much you are willing to spend.

Pillows are another important part of your bedroom set up. Make sure to research and test a few pillows before making your choice.

Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary

Material girl

The type of material used to make your bedding is more about comfort and personal preference than it is about style. Cotton bedding is more breathable, durable and affordable, while satin and Egyptian cotton are more luxurious and expensive. Fleece bedding is a great choice for a warmer more snuggly bed; they make an excellent winter sheeting option.