Michael Mol has had to speak out after he discovered that scammers were using his name to advertise products without his consent

The medical doctor and TV star set the record straight on social media.

It seems as if, after a quiet January, celebrity scammers have made a grand return to the limelight. In the same week that saw Papa Penny come out and declare that his social media pages had been hacked, and Kelly Khumalo (and Vusi Nova’s) names were used to scam innocent people, we’ve now discovered a third celebrity who is warning his fans not to fall victim to a dodgy operation.

Our favourite celebrity doctor Michael Mol recently took to social media to warn his followers after he was alerted to a promotion that was using is name and picture.

It all began when a fan questioned if he was indeed promoting Ketovatru pills

Ketovatru is a “fat burning” product that comes in the form of diet pills. According to a review, “this keto pill is capable of triggering ketosis in your body so that you can shred away your body’s pure fat stores, effortlessly”.

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Whether or not Ketovatru is helpful is a debate for another day, but those who follow Dr Michael will be aware of the fact that he rarely promotes “quick fixes” or diet products. He is a proponent of long-term healthy living and often takes to the timeline to bust medications or diets for misleading customers.

This time around the TV doctor wasted no time in distancing himself from the campaign

He tweeted; “Thanks for all your messages of disbelief! Ketovatru is a worldwide scam, and my endorsement of it is completely fictitious, malicious and deceptive, not to mention defamatory. It’s fake news, all of it – so don’t fall for it.”

Ketovatru has gained worldwide fame for its unique offering and a quick google search will show a number of sponsored articles on a wide range of websites citing its benefits. However, there is a shortage of unbiased reviews to declare its effectiveness.

If they were willing to use Dr Michael Mol’s name and picture without his permission, then it’s probably safer to stay away from the company that it is to try it out.