If there was ever a shred of doubt that AKA has moved on it was erased after he was videoed partying with the woman many believe is his new girlfriend

AKA definitely ushered in his 32nd birthday in some style. The rapper enjoyed a lavish multi-club birthday tour, received thousands of messages from loving fans, oh and he partied up a storm with his alleged new flame.

Little is known about the woman that Supa Mega is seeing, although some believe that it is the same person who had the pleasure of mingling with Drake when he was in town.

AKA was first seen kissing her on video at the beginning of January, and the rapper didn’t mind adding more fuel to the fire when he shared a picture of her on his Instagram and Twitter pages.

Little did we know that more footage of them was on the way…

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A video of AKA’s recent birthday party leaked to the public and while guests can be heard singing Happy Birthday to the rapper, it’s his new fling’s presence that grabbed everybody’s attention.

The reactions to the video were mostly of disappointment, as many of DJ Zinhle’s supporters suggested that AKA needed to “grow up”.

Whatever happens next between these two, we are certain that their budding romance will continue to trend.