There are a number of reasons to consider eating less meat in your diet…

Eating less meat is good for your budget, as well as having a benefit on the environment and for animals in general. Many meats contain high levels of fat, and mass-produced meats contain hormones that we shouldn’t be adding to our bodies in large quantities.

While most of us love a good braai, you can also have a delicious meal without the meat. Trust me, it’s not impossible! I eat at LEAST three meat-free dinners every week.

Here are some non-meaty ways to eat well, and get your protein in:


Beans and their close relatives like lentils and chickpeas all contain high levels of protein and fibre!

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A cup of lentils, for example, has 15g of protein AND 15g of fibre (half your recommended daily amount). You can use these foods in place of minced beef in practically any meal, especially Mexican and Spanish-inspired foods like tacos, chili con carne, and burritos.

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