When you don’t have time to train

So you’ve embarked on a diet and exercise routine with the goal of losing some weight, and it’s going well. You’re doing everything as you should, and the kilos are coming off. But then you hit a week where the time to exercise suddenly disappears due to other commitments.

What do you do?

Well, answer number one is to scale down your exercise to a more manageable time-frame. If you were spending 2 hours in the gym, maybe just do a 30 minute circuit instead. You’ll still get benefits from that.

Just do as much as you can in the amount of time that you have. What if it’s only 5 minutes? Then do a tabata (Google it) of squats or pushups. Again, you’ll be pooped in no time.

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But what if you really can’t do ANY exercise at all?


If your goal is to lose weight, then your diet is what REALLY matters.

Exercise is important for building and maintaining strength, toning, and burning a few extra calories, but it is not the thing that’s going to make you lose the most weight.

So if you can’t make the gym this week, that’s okay. Just don’t let your diet slip, too. Stay on track with the diet and get back to training as soon as you can. That’s all there is to it.



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