Procrastinating? Here’s the best way to begin

Exercising for weight loss can seem like a complex, and very time-consuming thing. If you read everything that’s being said about it online you’d be busy for weeks, without finding a definitive answer.

So here’s the strategy that WILL work if you just DO IT.

All you need to do today is some squats and pushups. Try to do 50 air squats and 25 pushups. Wait 48 hours, and do it again.

Here are some great videos on how to do bodyweight squats and a pushup progression if you can’t do a full pushup yet:

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If you do this for a week or two, you’ll begin to find that easy.

But in those few weeks, you need to find a solution to the big problem with exercise, which is “Where are you going to train, so that you have access to a bar and weights three times per week?”.

The answer here could be a gym membership, but it could also be to invest in some gear for your garage. The issue is that this is a ‘rest of your life’ thing, so you want to make a good decision.

Once you’ve got that plan sorted, then you’re going to start a strength programme, and maybe some cardio. But you’re still only training every two days, and resting on the days in between.

If you do this, and continue to do it, then you’re doing everything you can to train for weight loss.

Why is this true? Because weight loss is made in the kitchen (mostly). Exercise is just the cherry on top.


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