Feng shui is a top 2020 home decor trend, but it’s really never gone out of style. Here are some tips on how to feng shui your home’s entryway…

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese art of organising and decorating a home to encourage positive energy (Chi) to help ensure good health and prosperity.

Even if you don’t believe in Chi, feng shui principles often make great design sense – it helps improves the flow of a home while making it look calm and uncluttered. And who couldn’t use a little more calm in their lives?

Here are some tips for starting the feng shui process from your front door…

Make it inviting

According to designer Anna Sotnik of Clear Plan Design, in feng shui, a home’s entryway is the mouth of a house from which all opportunities flow and new energy to come in. 

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This means that if you want to attract good things, you should make your front door look as attractive as possible. You could do this by giving your front door a fresh coat of paint, a doormat and adding some pretty planters with shrubs or flowers.

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Clear the way

It should be easy to walk through your front door. That means no tripping over or bumping into furniture or bags, shoes and umbrellas. According to Sotnik, these kinds of blockages in an entryway represent blocks to your success.

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