Since they spend more time with professional stylists than we could ever imagine, celebs have no doubt learnt some great hair lessons – and they’re sharing the knowledge with us…

One reason we really wish we could be a celebrity: every day is a good – no, a great – hair day.

Well, when you have a team of professionals working on your hair for just about every public appearance, not only would you always look fab, but you’re bound to learn a tip and trick or two for those few and far between times you have to actually slum it and do your own hair.

(Okay, we admit that we’ve probably got a slightly overly-glamorised view of how the average celeb lives! They’re not all Kardashians…)

At least the celebs tend to be pretty generous with their information, ensuring that us common folk learn some much-needed hair lessons along the way, and these are some of the lessons we feel are most useful…

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Don’t overlook products from the men’s aisle

Bella Hadid once used her brother’s hair mousse, and loved it so much that she took it and now swears by it. Men’s hair products are a great option if you’re looking for a decent hold… Bella also advises that you embrace hairspray and gel – especially when you’re busy and need to keep your hair out of your face. The more, the better, in her opinion!

Be a tease

Everyone is looking for a little extra volume, but most of us think that teasing hair is old fashioned or for the, erm, wiser of us. However, Blake Lively regularly gives her roots a teach to much the volume of her stunning locks – and her secret? Don’t tease with a tight comb, but rather with a bigger soft bristle brush. That way, you get more volume and a slightly ‘messier’ finish.

Go nuts!

We’ve regularly told you about the benefits of coconut oil, and it should become your hair’s bestie. Priyanka Chopra uses it weekly as a deep-conditioning mask – and just have a look at that hair! Warm a little coconut oil in the microwave and massage it into your scalp and rub through your hair; let it do its thing for as long as you can – an hour would be ideal – and then rinse with shampoo. You’ll see results in no time!

Get yourself some detangler

We often associate a detangling spray with young girls who have plenty of hair and a fear of a brush, but as Taraji P. Henson knows, they are actually way more useful than they’re given credit for. Because detanglers are super moisturising and light, they don’t weight hair down, giving it serious volume while also smoothing and nourishing your hair. Best you add that to the shopping list, pronto!

Sleep on it

If you’ve got dead straight hair, try going to bed with your hair wet, like Kendall Jenner. While you move around in your sleep, you’re giving it some texture and, ultimately, some body, meaning that it should have extra life when you wake up. Sleeping with your hair in a braid also helps with frizz, and gives you a bit of extra curl without and effort.