We lead digital lives. That doesn’t have to mean they’re messy, though!

While most of us are guilty of just throwing the latest gadget in a pile with all the others, that’s far from the sane or sensible route to do it- so here are some clever ways to get your life back on track…

It’s not just for looks, either. Placing items that aren’t meant to be stacked together (and tangling cables on the way) can be a significant fire hazard, and vibrations and other environmental issues can significantly shorten the life of your hardware, too.

Start by placing them by frequency (and area) of use. If you usually use the Xbox in the lounge, that’s where it’s ‘docking station’ should be.

Printers in daily use should be close at hand, but if it’s used once in a blue moon, it can be discreetly placed elsewhere. Anything you need to regularly access should be front and centre.

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Don’t forget to consider trays and drives that may pop out of the unit. Try not to stack the bodies of any units.

Be sure to also consider cable length while planning this. For most items, however, you can separately purchase longer cords if needed.

Resist the temptation to create ‘daisy chains’ of powerpoints and plugs- it’s too dangerous and can easily spark. Rather buy a plug board that’s the size you need.

A little planning goes a long way to a safer, better-looking home, so don’t prevaricate – sort your digital hardware today!