No matter how diligently you care for your mattress, these things wear out. Or maybe you just upgraded your bed and got a brand new mattress to match. Either way, getting rid of this unwieldy piece of furniture can be a headache – if you don’t know these tips…

Sell it: This depends, of course, on the state of the mattress. If you’ve upgraded your bed, or simply want to swap out mattress types, this is a way to make a little extra cash back too. Just don’t be that person and try and sell your beat-up, broken and dubiously stained mattress to the unsuspecting public!

Donate it: Again, this isn’t a way to simply pass on your junk! But if the mattress has some genuine life left in it, try calling local shelters, orphanages, crisis centres and similar charities, or look for a ‘freecycling’ group local to you.

Mattresses break down very easily. Simply slash open the cover to disassemble

Disposal: A mattress isn’t just something to pop in the trash. While you can dump a whole mattress at your municipal tip if you have the means to transport it, there’s plenty you can do if you can’t. Mattresses break down very easily. Simply slash open the cover to disassemble.

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Get help: Don’t forget to ask your new mattress company if they offer disposal services! Likewise, many ‘waste disposal companies will help you out with big items like this.

Disposing of a mattress can be intimidating, but don’t worry- you’ll soon have it all sorted out.