Recover: To become completely well again, to get back something that was lost or taken away, to improve after a difficult period

A song was ringing in my head this morning which prompted me to write. It was A Horse with no Name by America. It tells a tale of someone riding in the desert till he gets to the ocean, and all the things he notices along the way. The song has no trace of negativity – just observation and insight.

Throughout this past year many of us hit hard times: retrenchment, physical injury or illness, divorce, death of a family member, repossession of houses/items, unforeseen debt, to name a few.

By the same token many of us have had wonderful, happy times – marriage, birth of a child, new career, travel, relocation, new friends and generally happy moments.

“You peer into my life to find a lingering past, but I tell you it was sunk ten thousand fathoms deep and weighted down with my dead self. You look into my breast to find that old, old open wound, but I tell you I seared it with my hot tears and only the cicatrix is there. You look into my eyes to read that oft-told story of defeat, but I tell you that the plot was changed and you will see the flag of conquest waving from the turrets of my soul.” ~ Muriel Strode (1875–1964)

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It is easy when down and out to think and be envious of others’ fortune and happiness

We forget that we were once in a space where we experienced moments that elevated our spirits and brought a smile to our faces.

So few of us look back at our trying times with a degree of awe. Instead, we have a “Phew, glad that’s over” approach and tend to forget that we emerged victorious.

I know that it is hard to focus on these things when you are hurt and bruised, but this week I would like you to answer some questions that may help:

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  • Do you feel lost and alone? Pick up the phone and call a friend.
  • Are you angry about a situation and feel entitled to more than you have? Perhaps you need a lesson in humility which will open doors.
  • Do you feel like you have lost your mojo, your motivation to carry on? Visit your local SPCA, old age home, or orphanage and give yourself some perspective by helping others.
  • Do you feel unloved and pushed aside? Call up a few friends and hold a bring-and-share, because they may also feel unloved, and together you may fine renewed acceptance.
  • Do you have too much spare time because you have been retrenched? Have you tried every avenue and failed? Make time your friend: get busy with needlework, crafting, woodwork, repairs, learning a language, and you will find you are too interested and busy to mull over what you don’t have.

Think of the times when you were at your lowest:

  • Do you remember when you had no self-confidence? How have you improved?
  • When you were down and out, was it the end of your world or just an end to your expectations?
  • When you look back at the person you were five years ago, do you think you have grown and become stronger?
  • Can you tell yourself that life happened and you are glad for the dark times because you have learned to appreciate the good times with much more fervour?

Believe me you are stronger than you ever imagined you could be!

I want you to give yourself a big pat on the back for getting through it all. Scarred but not bruised, battered but not broken, seared but not blackened.

Let your scars be a reminder of how much stronger you are.

Let your brokenness remind you that the glue that holds you together is stronger than before.

Let the fire that burned you be the fire in your heart that eggs you on to better and bigger things – and wiser.

Love and light.

As always I welcome your comments and insights. Please pop into my website:

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