Anele Mdoda has weighed in on claims that Parktown Boys’ High School has told its pupils not to talk about the death of Enoch Mpianzi

The 13-year-old died earlier this month while taking part in a water activity during an orientation camp.

Questions about safety and how the boy’s disappearance went unnoticed for hours have been raised.

Investigations are currently underway into what transpired.

While many people are seeking answers to the tragedy, some pupils have claimed that the school has told them not to speak to anyone about the incident.

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“The headmaster addressed us and emphasised that we must not speak to anyone,” one boy told Sowetan.

According to the publication, Gauteng’s education MEC, Panyaza Lesufi, called for an end to the school’s “code of silence” following complaints by some pupils that they had been mistreated at the camps.

One person not impressed with the “culture of silence” is Anele.

The radio personality took to Twitter to voice her concerns about boys who attended this year’s camp with Enoch not being able to talk about how they are feeling

“How do the staff at Parktown Boys tell the boys not to talk to their parents about what happened. By doing that, you are killing more than one boy. The trauma that some of them will grow up with. Destroying them before their lives begin. They need to talk, to release, to heal,” she tweeted.

Anele said she found the situation heartbreaking.

“I am almost 36, I damn well near crack if I can’t speak to someone when I am going through something. Imagine death at 13 years old and you are instructed by a place that you have to go to for the next 5 years, TO NOT TALK ABOUT IT !!!!! I am so sad man.”

Some of the 947 presenter’s followers shared their own experiences

One woman said she received an anonymous call about her son’s wellbeing during a camp held at a different school.

“I was barred from taking him for independent medical attention coz they were not allowed out of boarding that weekend and I had not given notice, All this after a boy in matric anonymously called me saying ‘ma’am your son is in trouble and needs serious medical attention. He’s hurt,” one woman wrote.

The woman added that her son was “beaten up by a senior boy” because he was deemed weak.

“His leg was fractured in three places and it took a fellow student to call me anonymously. The school told him to toughen up.”

Many of Anele’s followers agreed that the “code of silence” needed to end.

“All under the banner of the “brotherhood” and “boys club”. Toxic masculinity is what it is,” the woman wrote.