South African Twitter users were ready to cancel Ntsiki Mazwai on Monday after the poet showed no tact or consideration for those mourning the loss of Kobe Bryant

Kobe and Gianna Bryant’s deaths brought the world to a standstill following the news that they had tragically died on Sunday. The father and daughter died in a helicopter crash in Los Angeles on the weekend and tributes have been pouring in from around the world for the late basketball legend and his teenage daughter.

South Africans have also taken a moment to pay their respects on social media and the hashtags #RIPKobeBryant and #RIPGiannaBryant were trending for most of Sunday and Monday in Mzansi.

So where does Ntsiki Mazwai fit into all of this?

Initially, she didn’t. While many people were sending their condolences to the Bryants, the former Show Me Love presenter was still complaining about women who wear weaves and wigs over their African hair (this is an argument she first brought up last week). She was on a completely different frequency.

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However, when one follower claimed that this wasn’t the time for this discussion because people were still mourning, Ntsiki hit back slyly by questioning, “Who are you mourning?”

This comment came across as extremely insensitive in the wake of the tragic news that was Kobe and Gianna’s death and many took to the timeline to call Ntsiki out.

Ntsiki doesn’t usually back down from a fight and she continued to hit back at her critics by wondering why Americans don’t show the same remorse for late South African icons:

While some thought she was making a valid point, many (many!) others considered this to be the final straw and proceeded to either block or unfollow Ntsiki Mazwai.

The poet, as usual, was unfazed by the avalanche of negative commentary that was being sent in her direction. After entertaining the Twitter masses for a few hours, Ntsiki moved on to her next rant:

Do you think Ntsiki was out of line for what she said?