Since when has doubling your workload made for quicker, better results? Yet, when it comes to mopping your floors and getting the results you want, twice the buckets may well be the answer…

Don’t worry, you’re not really doubling your workload. All we’re doing is leaving one bucket of cold water to rinse the mop, and the other with your standard cleaning solution.

This way, you avoid an excess of dirt fouling up the cleaning bucket as you work. Instead, you can rinse the mop free of the worst contamination before cleaning the next section.

By wringing the mop out well in the ‘waste’ water, you prevent dirt and grime causing streaks on the floor, too, so it’s a win-win.

It’s a simple tweak that can feel like common sense, yet few of us actually use it. Give it a try – cleaner floors with fewer streaks will soon be yours.

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