Dust looks messy, and can aggravate allergies, but it’s not like it can be actively dangerous – can it? Worryingly, it actually can! When paired with hot surfaces, dust can become a fire hazard, and it’s often a hidden one…

We’re sure you keep your home spic and span, but there’s one oft-missed dust-catcher you probably haven’t done much with.

Every one of the devices we love so much comes with cable after cable

You’re probably also running a surge protector to keep them safe from loadshedding. Yet all of these act ass perfect dust-catchers, and with electricity running through them, carry a risk of sparks too.

  • Bundling cords together is a great way to keep dust accumulation to a minimum, as well as keep your home looking neat.
  • You can conceal bulkier items like surge protectors in shoe boxes or plastic containers (cut a hole for the wire) too.
  • While you’re there, why not tag each wire so you can keep track of which is which easily?

A little bit of cable control will not only make your home look better, but will make it safer too.

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