5 Of the latest (and greatest) hair trends for 2020

A streak to remember

High fashion pastel and bright colours (and the intensive chemical pre-treatment required to get there) seem to largely be fading away.

Instead, we’re starting to see single rogue chunks or streaks of paste or brights peeking through more muted hair colours – whether it’s styled or casually pulled into a bun.

Teasing with tendrils

Intentional tendrils (either braided or just loose strands) à la 1995 have made their way back onto the catwalks, and as a results into the streets too.

These can go with just about any style, and you can make it look as structured or wispy as you prefer. I’m all for a few wisps to add a bit of softness and a casual ‘I woke up like this’ look.

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liza5450 – @123rf.com

Retro accessories

Banana clips, combs with pearls, velvet scrunchies, headbands with bows, Alice bands, diamanté pins. The more it looked like the things people wore to Sunday school in the 90s, the more on trend it is now.

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The A-line bob

I don’t think I’ve written one of these trend articles without a bob in it. This season it seems to be moving towards an A-line bob (slightly longer in the front) after the last couple of years’ blunt cuts. It works well with all hair textures and also in all lengths – from short and neatly tucked behind the ears all the way to grazing the shoulders.

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Right down the middle

While it’s not the most flattering on every face shape, a centre part is dramatic and edgy. It can work on anything from a blunt cut to shaggy layers, where you’ll also part your fringe – regardless of it’s length.