Skip the sugary beverages and enjoy ones that are lower in calories. It will help you to keep the weight down.

Many people fail to realise that sugary beverages also add calories to their daily calorie count. If you are trying to drop some weight, opt to have beverages that are lower in calories. Here are a few drinks that you may want to include in your diet plan when trying to lose weight.

Green tea is high in antioxidants and low in calories. It may take some time to become acquired to its unique taste, but once you enjoy it – you may not want to opt for any other warm/hot drink.

Tea or coffee can be consumed when on a weight-loss diet but you need to be careful as to what you add to it. Cut down on the sugar or sweetener and go for low calorie milk or none at all. Moderation is key here.

Never underestimate the value of water. It is low in calories, easy to access and necessary for optimum health. Take a refilled glass bottle around with you when away from home. Sip throughout the day and refill when necessary. Flavour it up with some citrus fruits, strawberries or even fresh mint leaves. Adding a drop of apple cider vinegar to it may also give your metabolism a boost so give it a try!

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