Our favourite celebrities both internationally and locally are posting gorgeous outfits sponsored by Fashion Nova and we’re filled with envy. So what is it actually like to shop at Fashion Nova?

The internet has brought our favourite stores to our doors, including Fashion Nova. We’ve done our research and here’s what we’ve found out about shopping from Fashion Nova.

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We Love the fashion

There’s no arguing; Fashion Nova is definitely the plug when it comes to following celebrity trends and staying on the pulse of what’s fashionable.

We’ve seen celebrities from the Kardashians to Minnie Dlamini-Jones sharing Instagram posts of their stylish gear from Fashion Nova and we are definitely head over heels in love with what they have to offer.

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What are the prices like?

If celebrities are wearing it, you could assume the prices are way out of reach for us ordinary people, but with Fashion Nova you’d be wrong.

Fashion Nova prices are comparable to the prices at South Africa’s main retail chains. They’ve also taken the maths and exchange rates out of the equation by pricing their gear in rands, so you know exactly how much something costs before you even put it in your virtual shopping bag.

How long does shipping take?

The worst thing about shopping online is the long wait before your loot arrives. With local stores, you can expect your purchases within the week, but when you shop internationally you could wait months before you receive the things you bought.

Fashion Nova uses UPS (the United Parcel Services) to ship international packages. UPS allows you to track your parcel from the time it is posted to the time you should collect it from the post office, which offers some peace of mind, but could also be part of a frustrating waiting routine.

What’s the catch?

According to fashion bloggers across the globe, at Fashion Nova you get exactly what you pay for; from the quality of the clothes to the sizing, Fashion Nova is the real deal.

Although we haven’t read any negative reviews on the products themselves or the Fashion Nova shopping experience, the shipping costs are enough to have you logging off and heading to the nearest mall…

As if that’s not enough to make your wallet quiver, there’s an import tax you have to pay at your local post office for each parcel. The cost varies, but you can end up paying around 40% more for your clothes.

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Would we shop at Fashion Nova?

Yes, we would! With so many styles, sizes and a curvy section like nothing we have available at any South African mall, there are a lot of reasons to shop at Fashion Nova. Although shipping costs and import taxes are admittedly off-putting, making a calculated purchase with friends could reduce the costs and also automatically give you a support group for the long wait and daily tracking of your package.

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