The myth that either silver or gold jewellery is better than the other is just that – a myth. You don’t have to chose between one or the other

Accessories are a girl’s best friend, so this week we visited Zando for the best in silver and gold jewellery.

Sometimes you want to rock all silver, sometimes all gold

Bangin’ bangles

Wear your gold and silver bangles together – trust us they don’t clash. The key to bracelets looking chic is to only wear them on one hand.

We Heart This Silver Heart Pendant Bracelet, R165

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Tifawt Jewellery Solid Bangle Gold, R170

Neck candy

There is this myth that your choice of silver or gold jewellery has to be based on your skin tone. This is totally not true. Wear whatever jewellery you want. Stacked necklaces used to be a really cute look, but a more simple attitude towards necklaces is the trend now.

Cazabella Stainless Steel Ring Pendant, R199

The Jeweller’s Florist Africa Necklace – Rose Gold, R495

Dhia Jewellery Waterfall Necklace Sterling Silver, R699

Tifawt Jewellery Solid Gold Choker, R270

Hoop dreams

Every girl needs a pair of fabulous hoop earrings in silver and gold. They go with everything and are absolutely perfect for a hot night out.

We Heart This Large Gold Square Hoop Earrings, R165

Cazabella Medium Hoop Earrings, R225

Artistic earrings

Simple hoops and studs are wonderful but so are earrings in cool shapes and designs. A key trend right now is just wearing one earring at a time. Try wearing one of these with a stud on the other ear.

Mini Arrow Drops, R185

Silver Letter X Cross Earrings, R390

Put a ring on it

The most fun you can have with silver and gold jewellery is with rings. Stack them, wear a whole bunch on one hand or wear a different one on every finger.

Rings are our favourite accessory and prove that gold and silver do not have to be at war.

Dhia Jewellery Swarovski Silver V-Ring, R490

We Heart This Rose Gold Sparkly Ring, R250

We Heart This Gold Multiple Bead Ring, R175

Dhia Jewellery Waterfall Ring Sterling Silver, R599