A sneaker addiction is an expensive habit to support, and while we’d all like to have Ma’Mkhize’s sneaker closet, we sometimes have to settle for a more affordable option.

Don’t let your budget force you to compromise on your style. We’ve found five budget-friendly alternatives to our favourite trendy sneakers.

Taking it Yeezy

Hate them or love them, thousands of people across the world are willing to pay thousands for Kanye West’s eclectic kicks.

Our favourite Yeezy sneakers may not be the most extravagant, but they are definitely a lot more than ordinary.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2s retail for over R4000! Made in collaboration with Adidas, they are bound to be high quality and comfortable.

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Even if they aren’t in your price range, you can’t ignore how trendy they are – fitting in perfectly with the hobo-chic Yeezy look and the “teenage dirtbag” style Justin Bieber is peddling at Drew House.

Get the same look and feel for less with a similar pair of clay-coloured sneakers from MRP.

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Retro Vibes

90s’ trends are ticking all the boxes for fashionistas right now. Your 90s’ fashion doesn’t have to come straight from the time before online shopping.

These Nike Air Max sneakers are like wearing a trance party on your feet and when you have that as an option it’s hard to find anything more appropriate to wear – ever.

If your mood is out of your budget, you can get the same trance stylistics from Faith sock trainers. The sneakers may not look similar, but the style and inspiration are definitely a connection.

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More than just dad sneakers

Dad sneakers were an eyesore a few years ago and now, like mom jeans, they’re a coveted fashion item that only the most fashionable can pull off.

Not exactly the sneakers your dad would wear, dad sneakers are chunky, bold and designed for maximum visual impact

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Metallic madness

Something shiny is sometimes exactly what you need. We love doubling up on trends so these metallic canvas sneakers are right in so many ways

High-top sneakers are edgy and almost always a great sneaker choice, but they are always more expensive than the ordinary low-top sneaker.

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Seeing red and loving it

Bright red sneakers are the casual alternative to bright red stilettos and we love them just as much.

Le Coq Sportif is the Jimmy Choo of sneakers; it’s a statement brand. In bright red, Le Coq makes a bold statement and even on a smaller budget we can agree that they’re a style win.

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