Small wardrobes are easily cluttered and can be a real pain. Here’s how to get the most out of your tiny space

Smaller rooms mean smaller wardrobes. Minimalism may be the trend, but not everyone can live with forced minimalism.

Here’s how to make the most of small wardrobes when you’re not a minimalist

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Diversify your space

Most wardrobes come with tons of hanging space which takes up more space and gives you fewer places to store your clothes. While hanging space is necessary, it is also limiting. Add shelves and drawers to your existing cupboard to store your foldable clothes. This also lets you use existing space instead of buying a chest of drawers that would take up space in a room that is probably already smaller than you’d like.

Folded clothes are stackable and can be stored more efficiently. Only hang up the things that really need to be hung up like jackets.

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Get rid of stuff

There is no easy way out of it. Having a smaller space means having less stuff; hoarding clothes you don’t wear or rarely wear gives you less space for the things you actually need.

Get rid of old clothes, clothes that don’t fit as they should and clothes you just don’t like anymore to make space for the things you need and also make your daily essentials more accessible.

Vacuum pack clothes that are out of season

In South Africa, we have shorter winters and your winter clothes may be taking up more space than you would like. Keep a few jackets and jerseys on hand for cold days, and store most of your winter clothes in reusable vacuum bags on that awkward top shelf of your cupboard.

Change your wardrobe out every season and store the clothes you won’t be wearing out of the way. Seasonal packing is also the perfect time to declutter. You could also find some hidden gems you may have forgotten about…

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Find another place for your shoes

Shoes can take up unnecessary space in your wardrobe, but the thought of having to search for a pair of shoes under the bed every day is exhausting.

Get shoe storage or storage bins that will fit under your bedroom furniture or in the area below your hanging space in your wardrobe for your shoes.

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