The fine mist of cooking oil released in day-to-day tasks in the kitchen can be a cleaning nightmare

If you’re running a kitchen extractor or cooker hood, you can certainly keep it at bay, but chances are you’ll begin to notice a fine, sticky residue clinging to surfaces.

The tops of your kitchen cupboards are pretty notorious for this build-up. Over time, dust and dirt add the finishing touches, and everything looks grungy. What’s a home-loving person to do?

While you want to keep your cabinets pristine and grunge-free, it’s not like you look at the top of them daily! Simply spread a few layers of newspaper (or, if you prefer, gift wrap or drawer liners) over the top of the cabinet to catch the oil spray instead. You can easily toss away and replace the paper each quarter, preserving your cabinet’s beauty.

With a quick tweak to your kitchen routine, you need never worry about grease mist dirtying your cupboard tops again.

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