Houseplants can be dust magnets so we’ve got a trick to share to keep them glossy and shiny…

Houseplants bring a touch of the wild indoors, oxygenate the air, and leave your home looking lush.

They can also be a dust magnet, however, and that never looks great in a clean home. What’s a conscientious homeowner to do? This trick may surprise you:

Simply grab a banana from the kitchen and munch it down

Save the skin, and gently rub the inside of the skin over the plant’s leaves. Dust sticks right to the skin, and the oils within it are actually healthy for your plants, too. Not only that, but the slight oil residue will help cut down on dust-attracting static, keeping your plants glossier for longer.

When you’re done, you can simply toss the banana skin into your compost heap, where it will contribute to the potassium content of your compost and help ensure a happy, healthy plant in another way, too.

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Quick, healthy and easy – what’s not to love about this simple home-cleaning trick?