How often do you remember to examine the outside of your home? Sounds like crazy talk, right?

You look at your home every day, you might say. We don’t just mean looking, however, but rather conducting a proper outside examination. The results could surprise you – and save you cash and heartache, too. 

There’s a lot a simple, purposeful inspection can tell you, even if you are no maintenance guru

  • Minor cracking in plaster walls isn’t too much to worry about – but major cracks can indicate settling or foundation issues. I
  • t’s a great way to see if plants or other features are interfering with your security system, too. 
  • Anything built in wood will need regular check-ups to ensure there’s no rot or insect infestations
  • Talking about insects, it’s also a good time to check for obvious signs of ant nests, wasps and other pests you don’t want calling your home their home.
  • Check for thick ‘leaf litter’, forgotten waste and rubble that may attract snakes and rats, too. Don’t forget to look up to the gutters, too!

A pro-active home inspection can help nip a lot of potential problems in the bud, so get into the habit before it’s too late.