Zinhle was the name on everybody’s lips on Thursday after video footage emerged of AKA kissing another woman. This came hours after he confirmed that he is now single.

If there was any doubt about AKA and DJ Zinhle’s relationship status (and for the record, there was plenty of doubt!) it was all erased this week. First, we got all the confirmation that we needed that Kairo’s parents had split up when AKA confirmed himself on live radio that he was now a single man. He did not divulge the details, nor did we really expect him to, but he certainly made it clear as day that he and Zinhle were no more during an interview with Naves and Sphectacula on Metro FM.

But that wasn’t even the most shocking event of this whole saga

Just as we were recovering from the news, brand new video footage sent shockwaves across the country. A clip of AKA kissing a mystery woman was leaked online and before we knew it, it was trending across the country for everybody to see. While we can’t identify the woman (more on that shortly), we can definitely recognise AKA in the clip. Take a look below:



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Despite the fact that AKA was the main culprit in the video, it was Zinhle’s name which shot to the top of the Twitter trends list as fans questioned why she gave the father of her child a second chance, only for him to embarrass her again like this. While some tweeps were extremely critical, a few others tried to balance out the harshness with some understanding on the timeline.





While this was happening, the search for AKA’s new fling was on and it didn’t take long for social media tweeps to find a strong lead. At first it was assumed that the woman in the video was singer Sha Sha but a more accurate theory did the rounds within a few hours.

Many began to suspect that the woman in the video was Nelli Tembe, a model and influencer who AKA is currently following:


You might remember Nelli as the girl who showed Drake around when he popped in and out of the country back in 2016:


Do you think that AKA will ever change?