Struggling to choose paint colours or decide on a new sofa? You may be suffering from home decorating indecision.  Here are some tips for overcoming it…

Confession, I love home decor and have been writing about it for years, but I’ve struggled to commit to new decor ideas. Over the last few years, that started to change.

If you too struggle to make decisions about home decor, here are a few things that helped me and could possibly help you start implementing the lovely home decor ideas that you have.

Think like a minimalist

Finding your home decor style isn’t always about identifying what you like and buying it, it can start with looking at what you no longer like or need and getting rid of it.

A few years ago, I donated two inherited pink wingbacked chairs from my deceased grandmother to her preferred charity.

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The chairs were gorgeous, but bulky, didn’t fit into our new home’s living area well and needed to be reupholstered. Our living area felt more spacious without them.

I realised that I loved those chairs once, but it was time to move on – with less.

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