Leon Schuster

Comedian Leon Schuster has worn “blackface” is almost all his films in the past. While many laughed at his skits in the past, some called for him to stop wearing “blackface” to tell his jokes. Leon ditched “blackface” for his 2018 film, Frank & Fearless.

He told the Sunday Times that he regrets his “blackface” acting days, but admitted that he would love to make another Mama Jack movie.

“I’m so sorry that I can’t make Mama Jack 2. If I had a dream come true, my next movie would be Mama Jack 2. But especially on Twitter they said stay away from the blackface, it’s not on.

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“It was black people talking to me and you’ve got to listen. I can’t do it because I’ll be heavily criticised. In the olden days it troubled nobody. But I won’t go blackface now, I can’t do it. There’s not one actor in the world that will. It’s just racist,” he said.

Connie Ferguson

Connie Ferguson is the latest star to be criticised for wearing “blackface”. The Queen star’s husband Shona Ferguson shared a picture of her dressed as a domestic worker. Her skin was several shades darker than normal. The image was allegedly taken on the set of Kings of Jo’burg, a new drama on which Ferguson Films is working.

“Why is Connie Ferguson in black face and no one is saying anything? People are in those comments laughing,” one Twitter user said.
But some tweeps defended Connie’s picture.

“The definition of black face is ‘make-up used by a non-black performer playing a black role’ now from my knowledge Connie Ferguson is black so you cannot say it’s black face, what Leon Schuster used to do in his movies is black face as he isn’t black but what…” one user wrote.


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