“Blackface” remains a big talking point in 2020

Despite entertainers being called out for wearing “blackface” in the past, many stars continue to be called out for the practice.

The term “blackface” is used to describe non-white performers who use theatrical make-up to appear much darker.

Hollywood actors used “blackface” as early as 1830 in order to play people from other cultures, but more specifically those in the black community.

White actors were not allowed to share the stage with people of colour and therefore used “blackface” for some characters.

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More recently, people of colour have also come under the spotlight for wearing “blackface” in photoshoots.

Connie Ferguson is the latest star to be criticised. Here’s a look at why the actress is being slammed and which other stars have come under fire for wearing “blackface”.

Enhle Mbali

An Instagram post Enhle Mabli shared in 2016 did the opposite of what she intended to do. The actress shared a picture of herself with a foundation that was several shades darker. “Black lives matter in all shades!! When the colour of the berry matters not, but how sweet if is does.THAT WILL BE THE DAY LOVE WINS,” he captioned the post.

But many did not understand why she needed to wear “blackface” to drive home her point.

“I get that you were trying advocate for Black lives matter and tackle colourism at the same time BUT blackfacing is not the way. It takes away from the whole caption. You not dark skinned, it’s not your narrative,” one follower wrote.

Enhle defended herself in the comments.

“Your reaction is my point. We care so much about skin “berry” that forget its essence “sweetness”. We love yellow bones forgetting, chocolate caramel and vanilla have the same Essences!!… We will stop being offended with trivial things and deal with real issues. Mmmm. Once again sorry my interpretation in the matter offended you. Hope this helps u better understand.”


Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord’s ¥o-landi Vi$$er came under fire in 2012 for wearing “blackface” in the Afrikaans duo’s music video for their song Fatty Boom Boom.

¥o-landi Vi$$er, who was covered from head to toe in black make-up, defended the video.

“We don’t even know what blackface is. Ninja painted my face black for the video as part of our visual idea to illustrate an inter dimensional bridge between the colour filled streets and the pitch black voodoo-room in the video,” she told Die Burger.

Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi was caught in the middle of a colourism debate in 2018 when she shared a picture of her latest photoshoot on social media. The images were labelled distasteful as half of Pearl’s face was painted darker than her natural light-skinned complexion.

“Blackface will never be palatable,I don’t care who is “rocking it”, go argue with your concealer!” actress Bonnie Mbuli wrote.

She added in another post: “It’s hugely problematic, Colourism has economic and social implications that run real deep, blackface will never be cute, artistic or creative!!!”