Mould and mildew can not only ruin the look of your home, but hurt your health too

If you find you’re having breathing issues in your kitchen, but all your taps are certified leak-free, it’s time to dig deeper. The most common culprit for water damage and mould issues in the kitchen is the washing machine – and we almost never check it!

The ‘why’ is pretty easy to understand. With all those water lines hooked up, it’s crucial to keep a tight seal between pipes. Yet the very nature of the machine – or rather, its spin cycle – is to send out tones of loosening vibrations. And how many of us genuinely check the pipes behind the machine regularly? If caught early enough, you will typically only need to tighten up the fittings, but replacement is a simple DIY job too.

Get into the habit of checking this area at least once a quarter, and keep an eye out for loose fittings and leaks. Your cabinets – and your lungs – will thank you.