How often do you think about cleaning your cleaning tools?

Hopefully, it’s become a regular habit, as your clean will only ever be as good as your tools. One area that’s historically been a problem, however, is keeping wet mops clean and hygienic.

If you use a wet mop, you’ve probably had someone tell you you’re ‘washing the floor with dirty water’. It’s annoying, but they are kind of right.

You can’t merely rinse-clean a mop head and get it completely clean. Because they tend to stay damp, they’re also a breeding ground for bacteria. So what can you do to solve the issue?

Most mop heads are, in fact, machine washable

Opt for one of the newer designs specifically created with the washing machine in mind. Even if you choose a traditional string mop, however, simply opt for a screw-off head. With spin cycle disabled, they will wash in a regular machine without damage. Just opt to wash them desperately, as the cotton fibres will shed a little.

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Once clean, be sure to allow the fibres to dry out properly. Hanging your mop, with enough clearance at the bottom to ensure air circulation, is a great (and hassle-free) way to ensure it’s free from damp and bacteria.

Keeping your cleaning tools as clean as your home is critical, so don’t neglect to give your mops a little TLC, too.