We’re all keen to save energy and green the planet, especially if it comes with a side-order of reduced electricity payments too!

Yet few people realise that their ceiling fan can be a great boon in the process. Sure, we all welcome the cooling down draughts in summer- but did you know that it can help warm the house in winter, too?

It’s as easy as the flick of a switch, too. Here’s how to do it:

  • On the head of the fan, where the ‘on’ and ‘off’ cables enter, you will find a switch.
  • The usual icon shows an arrow running in a circle.
  • Flipping this switch will reverse the direction of spin of the blades, pushing warm air down to heat the room instead of pulling cool air up.

Warmer house for free? Yes, please!

And if you find that your ceiling fan isn’t giving you the cooling breeze you imagined this summer, you may want to check if the spin direction has been accidentally reversed as you clean. Remember… it needs to pull air up to cool, and push it down to warm.

This simple tweak to your fans can help cut winter energy costs as well as keep the air fresher.

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