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While it currently seems like the world is in a state of chaos, the calm-inducing Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue is our 2020 colour of the year

If you’re renovating, remodelling, reorganising, or simply settling in to your home this year, here’s how to keep your home sweetly in style by adopting these 2020 decor trends

2020 Colour of the year

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While it currently seems like the world is in a state of chaos, the calm-inducing Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue is our 2020 colour of the year

It seems a little ironic when we read the newspaper headlines, but perhaps this choice of a 2020 decor trend will help to instill a little peace in our homes.

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After all, what we do inside our homes reflects in the world outside, so here’s hoping our world leaders have taken notice of the 2020 colour of the year, and are redecorating their offices appropriately.

Accents, not overdoing it

If 2019 was a year of cutting back, cutting down, and minimising our impact on the planet, then 2020 will be following suit.

In terms of 2020 decor trends, that means choosing not to go big, but rather to go for accents at home. There are so many different styles to adapt and employ within your home, and selecting accents of styles, colour palettes, ideas, or trends, is a great idea for your home.

Pretty protea kitchen decor

Vintage accents, like your ball and claw bath, or an antique dining set in a modern room, can help to usher in all the elements of 2020 decor trends you love, without obliterating the functionality or finesse of your rooms.

Flower power

Image: Katarzyna Bia?asiewicz


We’re not talking ‘60s bell bottoms and peace signs to adorn your wall. Instead, move the very 2019 flower crown from your head, and turn your attention towards floral wallpaper.

A lovely way to employ a splash of colour, or brighten up a feature wall, floral wallpaper is something we expect you’ll be seeing a lot of during this year.

As a 2020 decor trend, we view the addition of floral wallpaper to your home as an invitation to celebrate colour, nature, and all the wonder of flowers. We’d like to make special mention of our exceptional national flower, the Protea. Let’s celebrate nature and our nation with Protea-inspired floral wallpaper!

Colour-popping kitchens

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It’s almost expected that, when you move into a new home, you’ll find a beautiful, but boring, white kitchen.

You loved the granite counters, and the dual sinks for washing up, but the boring white of those kitchen cupboards does nothing to inspire your inner chef.

Fear not, for this year, as a 2020 decor trend, we’re creating colour-popping kitchens! And it’s easy to do, without renovating the entire space.

Simply contrast those bare white walls with cabinets and cupboards painted in a bright, beautiful colour that you adore. Of course, the soothing colour of the year 2020 could be a great option, but minted green, pastels, or a combination of colours using the same colour palette, could turn your kitchen from boring to beautiful. And, if you get bored of the colour too soon, don’t worry – it’s just as easy to repaint, rather than remodel.

Marie Kondo and me

If 2019 was the year of Marie Kondo, then what will 2020 bring? Marie Kondo’s outstanding Netflix series had all of us clearing out our cupboards and reorganising our rooms to find what sparks joy, but who will inspire us next?

Never fear, for the Marie Kondo way still has us in its grip, and it’s paying off

For our 2020 decor trend relating to reorganisation, we’re opting to stick with her ideas for sparking joy and letting go. And there’s a good reason why:

As a result of Marie Kondo’s Netflix series, and a devoted, growing community of passionate re-organisers, donations to charity shops, charitable causes, and thrift stores shot up by more than 20% in the wake of the show’s airing on Netflix.

In a world so often consumed with the idea of consumption, it’s wonderful to note that so many more people are adopting a new way of passing on what they don’t need, letting go of what they don’t want, and doing good for others, while re-organising their homes.

Get out your gran’s wicker chairs

Image: Dmitry Petrov-Korsukov


You remember sunny afternoons on Gran’s porch, with orange juice and cookies, right? And you definitely remember snuggling in on those wicker chairs that seem to last forever, with comfortable hand-sewn cushions, yes?

Well, it’s time to usher those lovely memories into today, as wicker furniture makes a big comeback as part of the 2020 decor trends. There’s a big bonus to welcoming back wicker furniture too: adding an accent of a new decor trend to your home is as easy as adding new cushion covers. Suddenly, Gran’s thrifty choice in furniture makes sense!

Old and new, come together for you

And, if you hadn’t realised it yet, combining modern decor with antique furniture or furnishings is absolutely on trend for 2020.

It’s time to maximise on elegant old style, by matching it with modern, fashionable decor. The contrast of old and new create a certain ambience of ‘olde worlde’ elegance that’s unmistakably nostalgic and yet so wonderfully on trend. If your family heirlooms are merely gathering dust in a storeroom, it’s time to unpack and celebrate them. Yes, your mom’s old paintings too.

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