Are you one of those people who says things like “Diets don’t work for me” or “I can’t lose any weight no matter what I do”?

Well, there are some factors that could be holding you back that you haven’t considered yet.

You see, many diets assume that you have already considered these factors – and therefore fail to mention them. But if you don’t know that they exist, then you’re not able to account for them when you’re trying to diligently follow a diet!

These are factors which, if not in place, could prevent your body from letting go of the excess weight it is carrying.

Here are the six most notable ones.

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Some of them you can change easily, and others you will have to factor into your diet plan in order to overcome their effects (e.g.: medication):

1.     You’re on chronic medication

If you’re taking medication every day for physical or psychological issues, then you may find weight loss a bit of a struggle. This DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU SHOULD STOP! Please don’t ever try to change your prescribed medications without consulting your doctor.

What you CAN do is understand how your medications affect your body’s ability to lose weight, and work with a trained diet and nutrition professional to help mitigate these factors.

Certain medications can affect your metabolism, and your body’s natural hormonal functioning. Following a more healthy and balanced diet could allow you to take less medication (for heartburn and reflux for example), but all changes should be done with the advice and consent of your doctor.

If you feel that your medications are one of the primary reasons you’re not losing weight, have a heart-to-heart with your health professional, and ask about alternative medications or come up with an holistic plan to help you reach your goals.

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