Classic jet black

Image: kreata_immobilia via Instagram

“Bold black is a powerful statement colour,” explains Henderson who goes on to say that “it was previously considered very masculine and somewhat overwhelming for a bedroom. However, that perception has changed”. Jet black creates an intimate space that is stylish and sophisticated.

Mustard yellow

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Image: dcgpdx via Instagram

Yellow is warm and radiating, but intense yellow can become saturated and garish in a bedroom, which is why the more earthy mustard yellow is an excellent choice. “Be selective about how and where you use the colour so as not to overdo it,” suggests Henderson.

Deep blue 

Image: budgethomeinteriordesign via Instagram

Classic blue has been declared the Pantone colour of the year so will no doubt feature prominently in interior design. Deep blue is a beautifully calm and soothing colour. Henderson explains that “blues and greens have become the new on-trend neutrals of choice for designers”.

Stormy grey

Image: shokodesign via Instagram

Grey is a timeless colour for any room in the house. Stormy grey suggests practical elegance and associates with luxury. Gareth recommends grey for those who wish to keep their bedroom simple and charming.

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Choosing a colour for a bedroom

Remember that choosing a colour for your bedroom doesn’t mean that you have to paint the room from floor to ceiling in your chosen hue. You can get creative with your colour choice by introducing subtle, selected colour embellishments in key areas. Mix it up with different materials like paint, fabric, artwork, ornaments or furniture.