American DJ Steve Aoki can’t wait to be back in Mzansi next month. Speaking to the press this week, he shared a few stories from his last couple of visits to South Africa

International musicians seem to visit South Africa at a rapid rate, and we don’t blame them!

The latest muso to profess his love for our great nation is Steve Aoki, who is set to visit Mzansi again next month when he headlines the 2020 Ultra Music Festival in Cape Town and Jo’burg.

The hitmaker is no stranger to the South African Ultra stage, and ahead of his next big show he spoke about some of his most memorable experiences in the country.

One story that caught the eye was when he opened up about trying umqombothi – South African traditional beer – while sightseeing with friends. The I Wanna Rave muso explained how much he enjoyed the taste of the local brew, and was grateful that it didn’t make him hallucinate.

In an interview with Tshisa Live, he explained, “I am quite an adventurer so we went walking in different areas and explored. We saw a bar in someone’s yard, like in a shed, and there was this group of elderly men sitting about a big home-brew. They would put a bucket in the home-brew and passed along the bucket so everyone could have a drink.

“I was invited to sit with them and tried it. I liked it. I mean, I didn’t hallucinate or pass out. It was an amazing experience.”

He’s not only a fan of South African beer but loves the people too

He glowed about his various encounters with South African citizens before opening up about his love for one of our own – DJ Black Coffee.

Speaking on his relationship with the Music is King star, Steve said, “He is a legend already and is doing so much for the culture. He represents SA so well. What an amazing human being he is. He has one of the most amazing souls, I enjoy his company.

“He is an amazing guy, full of life and energy. He is also humble. I am a big fan.”

Are you looking forward to seeing Steve Aoki at Ultra 2020?