Unathi says she is dealing with a woman who damaged her car by keying the driver’s side door of the vehicle

The Idols SA judge revealed on Instagram that she knows who the culprit is and will be taking legal action against her. 

“A young lady keyed my car and I say young lady because we know who she is. We’ve got her on camera and we are dealing with her the legal route,” she said in a video.

Unathi walked out of the gym late last year and discovered that her car had been vandalised. 

“There is so much hate in the world. Instead of working on yourself, to make yourself happy, this is what you have to do to other kids. Why are you so mad though?” she said on Instagram. 

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Unathi added that “hurt people hurt people” but would not allow the culprit to ruin her day. 

Luckily, a man named Themba stepped in and offered to fix her car for FREE

“This man, my guardian angel, I bump into, by mistake, at the airport. To fast forward, he fixed my car for me as a gift. He didn’t charge me. He is one of two incredible people [who offered],” she said in a video with the man. 

Unathi said she was thankful for the man’s help, which helped her avoid going the insurance route. 

The singer’s fans praised Themba for not only helping her but for thinking like a businessman. 

“Themba is a smart business man. He knew that you’re an influencer and that this would give him exposure and being business to him which will pay back what he spent to fix your car 10 fold. We do not take away the good deed from him non the less. Bravo. We need more people like you,” one follower wrote. 



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