When you think denim it’s easy to think of just jeans, but a great denim skirt can easily be just as versatile

Wear your denim skirt for just about any occasion and gain a key piece for any capsule wardrobe.

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The formal look

Denim can be more than just smart casual. While it is typically a casual material, it can bring a certain edge to your formal or business wear.

We’ve chosen this dark coloured denim pencil skirt from Exact for its versatility.

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Although it is still denim, dark shades even in jeans are more easily incorporated into semi-formal looks. This skirt is both the right colour and the right shape to be worn to semi-formal occasions.

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denim skirt

denim skirt

Casual and trendy

A denim pencil skirt is a perfect match for the oh-so-trendy dad sneakers. The feminine shape of the skirt balances the bulkiness of the sneakers perfectly.

Plain denim is generally a great way to carry eccentric trends. If you’re looking for a skirt to anchor your favourite questionable trend, then this denim skirt is it.

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denim skirt

denim skirt