New year new you? A few weeks in and you could be stuck on how to make this new wardrobe work without falling back into old style habits

Here’s how to keep your new look going for more than just one month.

Plan your outfits

Planning seems to be the best way to keep any resolution, from weight loss to a fashion makeover.

Planning your outfits is more than just laying out your clothes for the day before. Planning outfits should start before your clothes are even paid for. Consider how many ways you can wear an item and how many outfits you can get out of it.

Not only will you have an idea of what to wear and how to wear it, but this will also help you decide if your purchase is actually worth what you’d be spending on it.

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Mix in some of your old wardrobe

Having a makeover doesn’t have to mean getting rid of absolutely everything. Hold on to the things you love about your wardrobe and incorporate them into new outfits.

You can also give a fresh look to something you’ve worn countless times in the same way by wearing it in a completely different way.  Put a new spin on your old favourites and you can stretch your new wardrobe even further.

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If you’re going to buy more clothes, make it the staples

Trendy extras are a great way to make a statement about your style transformation, but without good basics, your new look is going to get old really quickly.

If you’re going to go shopping for more of your new style, make sure you’re building your look from the staples up and you have a solid collection of essentials to accessorise and work with.

Stay true to yourself and your style

One reason you might be struggling to stick with your new look is that it isn’t your style. Your new look may be based on trends, clothes that are supposed to flatter your body or a style that looks great on someone else.

If a style doesn’t match your personality, keeping it going is going to be hard work and you’re going to need a lot of inspiration to fake it ‘till you make it.

Get inspired

The internet and social media are great sources of fashion inspiration. Look on blogs, Pinterest and Instagram for the look you’re going for and see how other people pull it off.

With the growing bloggersphere, you could get lucky and find someone who’s posted where to shop the look too.

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