We’re betting this question got you thinking! Let’s face it- we typically don’t think about our laundry detergent much…

Maybe you just buy what mom did. Or the only thing you check is the price tag…

Perhaps you get lured by the latest gimmick. It doesn’t matter – today we’re here to give you the lowdown on getting the best laundry results possible.

Perhaps the best-known laundry detergent is, of course, powder forms. These are cheap, efficient and easy to come by, but overdosing can lead to a powdery residue on your clothes.

Liquid detergents are great for households with a lot of greasy or oily loads. They also make a great laundry pre-treat. It’s easy to overdose them, however, and they can be pricey. Single-dose packs or pods are pricier still, but very convenient if you want to get the load just right.

What makes a powder good?

Look for brands that use enzymes (except for certain natural fabrics like wool and silk) and work in cooler temperatures for the best results. Surfactants help release dirt from the clothes, and are present in even the cheapest brands, but have less of an effect on ‘biological stains’, grease and oil.

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Enzymes help tackle these protein- and oil-based stains more efficiently

If you happen to have a modern washing machine with eco settings or ‘high efficiency’ features, you will need lower foaming versions.

Most modern laundry options, even the cheapest, are surprisingly efficient and use the best of modern technology, so it’s hard to make a bad choice.

Just be sure to carefully read the label, and dose everything correctly – both underdosing and overdosing are the real culprits behind disappointing wash results.