If you’re an avid baker or chef, you’ve doubtless been annoyed by sticky ingredients…

They won’t come out the container, then they won’t get off your spoon or out of your measuring cup!

Banish this frustration forever with this simple, practical and easy little tip:

Before you get busy, simply grab a can of spray-on cooking oil. Lightly coat your utensils, and you’re ready to get cooking!

The spray-on oil is, of course, safe for human consumption, won’t taint your project with strange tastes or smells, and won’t substantially alter the balance of the recipe because of the super-fine coating.

Yet it will help sticky and tack ingredients slide off the spoon and out of the cup. Even better, it will also make cleanup 100 times easier, too!

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Life’s too short to be annoyed while baking and cooking. Add a little extra love (and a lot less frustration) to the recipe with this simple-yet-powerful trick.